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creative market research

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    By wponepoll on March 5, 2014

    gather rich qualitative data

    Qualitative research explores the how and why of behaviour. The beauty of qualitative research is that we can reach people in many different ways.

    Our qualitative methods and services include insight communities, focus groups & depth interviews.

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    By wponepoll on March 3, 2014

    online quantitative research

    Quantitative research explores the what, where and when of behaviour. Our online surveys and data analysis provide insight for companies and organisations across all industries.

    We have an in-house scripting team and offer omnibus, multinational surveys & more.

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    By OnePoll on March 5, 2013

    pr surveys for brand exposure

    Generate news angles with a OnePoll PR survey, and secure name-checked national media coverage for your brand.

    Our PR survey team can help draft questions, find news angles, even write & distribute your story.

the pulse

  • Consumer insight is at the heart of everything that we do at Young's, and OnePoll gives us the rapid access to our customers that we need to continually improve our business. Many of our recent innovations have been based on insight gained from OnePoll projects.
    ~ Iain Lowrie, Category Insight Director, Young's Seafood - Chilled

did you know?


enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall more than 4.5 times

why choose onepoll?

flexible panelists

Our panelists are engaged and responsive

We have 100,000 UK members with access to 1 million+ worldwide

cost effective

We are flexible and cost effective

As a small agency we have the flexibility to react quickly, meet tight deadlines, and keep costs down

research tools

We have a wide range of research tools at our disposal

We offer qualitative and quantitative research methods and our services range from omnibus and PR survey campaigns to large scale insight projects and measurement exercises

robust research

We provide reliable and robust online research

Our team offer research of the highest standard, and are members of the Market Research Society and ESOMAR