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about OnePoll

A unique blend

a nique blend

Established in 2005, we have a finger firmly on the pulse of research trends and developments.

We’re a unique blend of next-gen researchers, established journalists, digital gurus, social media geeks, PRs, computer coders and creatives – our team have the expertise and technology to fulfill your research requirements.

We conduct surveys, and international research, offer a range of reporting solutions, and get our clients press and digital exposure via PR surveys… and much more.

Since its birth OnePoll has become a globally recognised brand thanks to the calibre of our clients and the wealth of UK and international news exposure we have secured for them.

We’re professional, we’re creative… and we’re pretty friendly too.

We do it well

OnePoll employs members of both ESOMAR and the Market Research Society and abides by their code of conduct.

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