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PR survey specialists

We have a UK panel of over 100,000 double opted-in members, with access to more than 1 million panelists worldwide.

We hold hundreds of profile data points on our panel – from their occupation and family status to their hobbies and lifestyles, and everything in between.

We offer our clients a comprehensive scripting, hosting and reporting service, and also provide panel and scripting services to other market research agencies.

Panel recruitment

Our online panel has grown organically through word of mouth, social media, extensive press coverage and a tight referral process.

We strive to have a personal and well nurtured relationship with our panelists and we believe the effects of this are visible with our results – our panel are engaged, involved and one of the most responsive in the industry.

In fact, they think so highly of us, that we were voted one of the top 10 survey websites by MoneySavingExpert members – above some of the industries largest panel suppliers.

Please email the team if you would like to discuss a specific panel requirement.

Panel profiling

Whether you’re looking to run a fully-fledged market research project with us, or want to simply dip into our extensively profiled and highly engaged panel, we’re sure you’ll gather the valuable insights you need.

Please refer to our responses to the ESOMAR 28 questions to ask research sample suppliers

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Specialist panels and profiling

Our extensive profiling allows for highly efficient targeting and segmentation of individuals into demographic groups. Our specialist panels offer you the opportunity to reach niche audiences with ease.


A panel of mums of all ages and backgrounds who are happy to lend us their expertise and insight into raising children, and the challenges they face.


Perfect for market research of the child, youth and family market. A panel of children age 6 to 15 offering opinions, insight and what they love and loathe.


Over 50’s make up more than a third of all Britons: that’s 20 million consumers. Find out what they do and don’t want from brands, and which factors drive them to buy.


Target a diverse panel of senior professionals offering invaluable insight and feedback to help concept & product development, and guide business strategy.


Tap into a panel of university students from across the UK. They can be targeted according to their university, course and academic year.



Discover what makes gamers tick with our panel of gaming enthusiasts. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the eyes of this targeted group of consumers.


A passionate panel of active music fans ready and willing to share their thoughts and feedback on anything relating to the music industry.


Our panel of drivers can be easily segmented to target criteria such as brand, type and make of car – as well as year purchased and estimated year of next car purchase.


Ideal for international research projects. Reach a highly diverse audience in multiple countries around the world with our specialist WorldPoll panel.