The binge-watching life

In 2015 Collins English Dictionary’s announced that their ‘Word of the Year’ was in “Binge-Watching”. This decision was largely due to the staggering 200% increase in usage of the term that year. To me, this increase in the use of the word is not that surprising.

Would you swipe right for love?

We live in a world of technology... it's not surprising that we use it to help us find love. From how we meet, how we communicate, what we do on dates, to how we tell the world our relationship is ‘official’, the internet has revolutionised dating. So why are so many people so sceptical of online dating?

Do young voters hold the key to the outcome of the General Election?

There has been a lot of buzz around the young voters (18-30), and what politicians can do to make them go out and vote.