Is poetry a dying art form or just evolving?

OnePoll conducted two nationally representative surveys, which found that 22% of Brits don’t even know who Robert Burns is, and less than half know that the great Bard of Ayrshire wrote Auld Lang Syne. 14% said they didn’t know a single word of the song – apparently not even realising that the title features in the lyrics ...

The language of rape culture

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW) and White Ribbon Day are both designed to raise awareness of sexual and gender-based violence experienced by women all over the world. There are obviously many forms of violence – almost all of which affect both men and women.

Not everyone eats eggs

Anna is happily married to Adam, with whom she has two children that attend the local primary school. Each summer, the whole family flies abroad for an all-inclusive holiday. Anna saves up to buy Christmas gifts for her family every year, works 9-5 in an office, and eats eggs for breakfast. Anna is a stereotype, wrapped in a cliché, and she’s a PR survey writer’s dream.

Public attitudes towards criminal punishment, rehabilitation and reform

A OnePoll study of 1,000 British adults takes a look at the public's attitudes to criminal punishment, rehabilitation and penal reform. While we’re usually more interested in punishing criminals than rehabilitating them, are we really as punitive as our initial reactions often imply?

Only 17% of LGBTI Brits know it’s National Coming Out Day tomorrow

October 11th is National Coming Out Day (NCOD) – an annual, internationally observed civil awareness day celebrating individuals who publicly identify as a sexual or gender minority. One of the aims is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding coming out of the closet as an LGBTI (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex) individual.

You might share this blog, but there’s still a 43% chance you won’t read it

Several pieces of research have found absolutely no correlation between how much time people spend reading articles and whether they go on to share them on their social media or not.

Are We Up To Date With World News?

We asked 1000 British men and women a variety of questions about conflicts currently featuring in world news to see how well people in the UK understand some of the issues. Many people acknowledged that they don’t know much at all about the topics in our survey, but it turns out some people may not know as much as they think…